Beyond samba and watches

Insights, Surprises and Soundbites from Brazil and Switzerland


  • My Thesis in 180 seconds: the progress was the victory

    Science communication competition awarded two Brazilians with tickets to Switzerland an two Swiss researchers with a trip to Brazil. More valuable than winning was the improvement of every participants' presentation skills.
  • Leaving a lasting legacy

    Have you ever wondered who helped Gioia Deucher to open the swissnex Brazil office, almost three years ago, from literally laying bricks and painting walls to growing the network locally and becoming the "Swiss-Carioca" contact person for Universities in both countries wanting to seal partnerships?
  • AIT Camp in Brazil - Day 4 and 5

    Follow from very close our AITcamp in Rio by reading the first impressions of Emma Cavalli, one of our participants from Switzerland learning how to be an entrepreneur.
  • Post-Olympic Hangover? Not for swissnex Brazil!

    After six weeks of sports celebration and all eyes on Rio, it is time to take a moment to reflect on this busy time. Learn how we nurtured our mission of opening new doors to Swiss-Brazilian collaboration through the eyes of our CEO Gioia Deucher!
  • Cybathlon: a sneak peek into the first Bionic Olympic Games!

    Exactly one month before the first Cybathlon in Zurich, swissnex Brazil seized the opportunity of the Paralympics to invite the organizing committee of the first Bionic Olympics in history to Rio de Janeiro to give the Brazilian audience a taste of the competition that will take place on 8 October 2016.
  • New Brazilian Biodiversity Framework

    The New Brazilian Biodiversity Framework, which came into force in 2015, strengthens the Brazilian commitment in the context of the Convention on Biological Diversity, treaty established by the United Nations Environment Program.
  • When artists of the body meet artists of the voice

    How do you bring together singers, acrobats and a high degree of mechanical difficulty? This was done on the initiative of the University of Music of Lausanne, HEMU Lausanne, in collaboration with the Cod’ Act brothers and Swiss and Brazilian acrobats.
  • Born-Globals connect Switzerland and Brazil

    Claudia Fernando, a student from the School of Business HEIG-VD, is spending two months at swissnex Brazil for her research on Born-Globals from Switzerland. Find out more about her first impressions, her background, and her research. 
  • When one thing leads to another

    How connected dots continue taking on a life of their own. A surprising experience about sowing a seed and reaping the reward through the eyes of our new Junior Project Manager Sebastian.
  • Bottom-up innovation

    This year, swissnex Brazil is focusing its attention on another type of innovation: a more social, bottom-up innovation, which has not only been present in Brazil for decades but which has gained renewed importance in times of political and economic crisis in the country.