Swiss-Brazilian Camp My Thesis in 180 Seconds

Your PhD thesis, explained in 3 minutes, captivating the wider audience. Ever wondered how? Learn how to do it and win a trip to Switzerland!

Event Details


swissnex Brazil
Rua Cândido Mendes 157, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20241-220 Brazil


March 10, 2017 - March 12, 2017

The renowned Swiss science communication contest “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” will happen for the first time simultaneously in Brazil and in Switzerland. The contest gives the chance to selected Ph.D. students in the fields of engineering sciences to be trained and to interact via video conference with Swiss Ph.D. students on how to present their research in 3 minutes and captivate the audience. The best presentation from Brazil will win a trip to present the research in Switzerland!

The training days will occur from 10 to 12 March in Rio de Janeiro. In order to make sure we receive applications from as many parts of Brazil as possible, swissnex Brazil will provide accommodation and food, the students must only pay for their airline ticket.

How does it work?

From 10 to 12 March, selected Brazilian Ph.D. students will gather in Rio de Janeiro to learn how to present their research in an understandable and attractive way and captivate a non-expert audience. This weekend (3 days) training session, held in small groups, will help you polish your presentation skills.Professionals will provide advice on word choice, body language and intonation – the sort of feedback that will also prove useful in your future career. After each training, each participant will have three minutes to present his or her research, in plain language, to a non-specialist audience and a jury made up of science journalists and scientists in Switzerland and Brazil via video conference. The best presentations will be voted by the jury as well as by the candidates through peer voting. At the end of the 3 days, the best presentation wins a trip to Switzerland!

The training and competition also serve to inform the general public about the wide and exciting range of scientific research being carried out in Brazil. Last but not least, it is an opportunity for participants to meet Ph.D. students working in Brazil and in Switzerland (via video conference) in other fields and learn about their work.