Scientific collaboration between Switzerland and Brazil: New funding instrument for research

More information and application documents: here

The aim of the FLASH project is to enable scientists to study an external event of exceptional scope and nature, such as defined below.

Release date: 15 March 2015 for India; 22 June 2015 for Brazil
Applications will be accepted until the earmarked funds have been fully allocated
Research areas: all
Project duration: 6 to 18 months
Latest project completion deadline: 30 Dec 2016
Funding per project: max. CHF 100,000.



For the current phase covering 2013-2016, the SERI has entrusted EPFL with the task of expanding the existing scientific collaboration with India and Brazil, and implementing new instruments for funding.

The FLASH Research Programme is a new funding instrument that allows researchers to react quickly in case of exceptional events (see below) by setting up joint research projects between partners from Brazil or India and Switzerland. The research project must focus on and be directly linked to the event; the research project will study effects, impact and implications of the event, that could not be observed under normal conditions.

NB: there is no restriction as to where the event happens.


The FLASH Research Programme aims at:

  • promoting the production of original scientific results linked to an exceptional event, whether it be of an environmental, political or societal nature
  • facilitating research that requires rare or unusual information that cannot be gathered under normal conditions
  • intensifying scientific cooperation between Swiss scientists or institutions and the focus countries
  • establishing research partnerships of mutual interest and benefits.



Exceptional event shall mean any activity or phenomenon of a political, societal, environmental, sanitary or similar nature that takes place at a defined moment in time and which has a significant impact on the population, and whose scope is of exceptional nature.