Friends of swissnex Brazil

Friends of swissnex works like a discussion forum for institution companions. People who are somehow linked to the mission and principals of the organization. They are entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and communicators, leaders in their areas of expertise and, most importantly, professionals and individuals which we respect a lot for having inspired and aggrandized swissnex.

Meet our friends !

Adriel Oliveira

Adriel is completely in love with putting ideas into practice. He’s a guy that does not go without good and productive conversations. 

Carioca. Publicist. Creator of the Studio AO3 and of the idea platform “Where Ideas Begin”. He is a lecturer for the transformation of powerful messages in the market’s language.





Alexandre Caseira 

Alexandre is the co-founder of Vatio, which acts in the sector of renewable energy. His company is focussed on the implementation of solar systems without client’s investment. Alexandre has a degree in Engineering Production at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Before undertaking, he worked at Endeavor in Rio as a leader of a team responsible for the mentors and state ambassadors network articulation, being involved in the daily challenges of the supported entrepreneurs. Before Endeavor, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, acting in several industries, such as gas and oil, the mining, the consumer goods and the pharmaceutical industry. He was also a finance analyst at IBM, besides other earlier leader positions in the Junior Company Movement at College. 



Ana Julia Ghirello
“I got to know swissnex at an entrepreneurship event and I felt a lot of synergy. After a while, we implemented the Honeycomb in their organization. It was not only an incredible experience but also an important validation of our product, which at the time was still in its embryonic stage”

Ana Julia is the founder of abeLLha, an ecosystem that supports projects of social and collaborative entrepreneurship. Founder of Honeycomb, a methodology for companies who want to work in a horizontal, transparent and collaborative way. She is the co-founder of GoodPeople, an App that connects talents and opportunities to transform ideas in practice. In 2011, she was part of the team that created “Bom Negocio”, which joined OLX in 2015 and where she actuated as COO. 



Irene Meier

Irene is a Swiss with a Brazilian heart and worked as “science council” at swissnex Brazil in 2015. Besides neuroscientific projects, she joined in several swissnex projects – as for example the second edition of the Academia-Industry Training (AIT) and the campaign “Mar sem Lixo, Mar da Gente” (“Our sea, without trash”), which consisted of scientific lectures, workshops, trash-collection, exhibitions and other activities related to marine trash. Outside of swissnex, Irene received her PhD in neuroscience in 2016, in the area of brain vascular risks related to Alzheimer, where she will continue her research, doing her post-doctorate at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro. 




Juliana Oliveira

Juliana is a journalist with more than ten years of experience in writing and press relations. Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship have always been part of her journey. As a reporter, Juliana worked for the newsroom of “Interactive Communication”, where she wrote for the magazines of “SESCON-SP”, “TI Inside” and “Convergência Digital”, and for the “Wnews” portal. During the last nine years dedicated to the Press Office as Director of Oliver Press, she  has managed to launch and service nearly 300 startups like VTEX, Easy Taxi, Viajanet, Giuliana Flores, Hellofood, GetNinjas, Braspag,, Vá de Táxi, Mobly, Tricae, Kanui, Sonoma, Restorando, Kabum!, Iba, Elo7, PagPop and boo-box.




Sabine Righetti

Sabine is a journalist and a scientific journalism expert (Unesp and Unicamp). She received her master’s degree and her Ph.D. in Political Science from Unicamp, where she continues as an associate researcher. She was a reporter at “Folha” and today, she has a blog and organizes RUF (Folha University Ranking), an unpublished proposal of how to classify Brazils higher education system. She is a Knight fellow (Knight-Wallace Fellowship, Michigan University, 2012), an Eisenhower fellow (Eisenhower fellowships, 2014) and a Lemann fellow (Stanford University, 2017). Today, she is a consultant in the higher education and science area and guest teacher for public policies at the FGV in São Paulo. She published six chapters in books about education and science divulgation. She also coordinated books about the right to education. She received the “Folha de Jornalismo” prize in 2012 and 2015, the “Estácio de Jornalismo” in 2013 and the “Jornalistas Especialistas” (education category) in 2015 and 2016.