Data Canvas: Sense Your City

Our cities are giant collectors and emitters of data. This data resource often goes unused, unnoticed and non- understood by citizens. The Data Canvas is a media network that promotes data literacy. It visualizes and streams real-time data stories online, and on street-level displays and exhibitions. Throughout seven cities, using open, private, and citizen data, this initiative will facilitate a civically engaged dialogue through academic partnerships, community outreach, and online challenges, resulting in in-depth research and civic impact. Please join us.

Data Canvas: Sense Your City

By opening up government data to the public, the first challenge of the Data Canvas Initiative brought cities and their citizens closer to each other. In 2015, we are going one step further, empowering citizens to gather their own data with the use of open-source, Do-it-yourself (DIY) environmental sensor technology.

Inspired by Aethera, a DIY-sensor set created by San Francisco new media artist Taurin Barrera, that measures ambient levels for light, sound, air quality, temperature, humidity, UV index and particle pollution in its immediate surroundings once every minute, we developed – in collaboration with our partner SeeedStudio – a sensor kit that is easy to assemble and transmits all the data live through an online, public platform.

By educating people on how to build their own sensors, we are equipping citizens around world with the tools to understand and participate in the future of their cities, and fuel the raising maker movement that is leading to innovation and creativity around the globe from universities, art schools, fab labs, garages to maker- and hackerspaces.

The swissnex network will function as a hub for outreach within seven cities: San Francisco, Shanghai, Boston, Singapore, Bangalore, Rio and Geneva (Lift Events), and the challenge will culminate in a public data visualization exhibition in Geneva for the winners.

For more Information visit the Data Canvas website

Cover Image: Carbon Visuals , Some rights reserved