Academia-Industry Training Program

Brazilian and Swiss researchers transforming their researches into market innovations

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November 10, 2014 - November 18, 2014



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Academia-Industry Training Program (AIT)

swissnex Brazil in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), swissnex India and VentureLab are proud to announce the first training camp for Brazilian, Swiss and Indian scientists.

Brazil & India: 10th to 15th of November 2014

Switzerland, April 2015

The AIT is an initiative by EPFL Leading House and swissnex Brazil, and will consist of two phases: a first training camp in Brazil (next week); and a second training camp in Switzerland (April 2015). This program is happening at the same time in Bangladore with swissnex India.


In Rio de Janeiro, this program is organized for  Swiss & Brazilian scientists working on promising research in the health area.

The key objective is to expose researchers with applicable projects to market opportunities and induce an entrepreneurial spirit and relevant skills for them to take their research from the labs to the market place. Furthermore, the programs seeks to incentivize international collaboration and thinking “beyond borders”.

Indeed, this program gives a strong introduction to entrepreneurship featuring workshops in business plan writing, market entry scenarios, funding strategy and pitching classes as well as a deep understanding of the Brazilian health market is the goal, which will be achieved by visiting key institutions in Rio, conferences as well as focusing on networking events to maximize contact between Swiss and Brazilian players.

Why Health? Because while analyzing the Swiss health care landscape and Brazilian opportunities in health it seemed obvious that those two perspectives are going to bring valuable insights to participants.

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