The futurology of smart cities

talks@swissnex with scientrepreneur Alberto Hernando, Academia Industry Training alumni and CEO of SThAR. He uses physics to predict and simulate mass movements of people in cities

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swissnex Brazil – Rio de Janeiro


May 30, 2017 from 10:00 pm to 12:00 am America/Sao Paulo (UTC-02:00)


Free and Open

talks@swissnex invites scientrepreneur Alberto Hernando, Academia Industry Training alumni and CEO of SThAR.

During his talk, Alberto will explain how big data can be used to predict, simulate and ideally influence mass movements of people in urban centers.  During his post-Doctoral research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Alberto and his colleagues uncovered what they think were a few simple rules that guide the growth of cities. Based on big data, they developed an algorithm which could help local governments predict design, transportation and financial needs as urban areas grow.

With this very scientific research, Alberto participated in the 2015 edition of swissnex Brazil’s Academia-Industry Training (AIT) program. The AIT convinced Alberto to turn his research into a business and he founded the spin-off SThAR, which uses sociothermodynamics and big data to quantitatively predict and simulate collective human behavior and movements of people in cities.

In practice this means that SThAR uses big data to design electoral or viral marketing campaigns, indicating which geographical locations are optimal to effectively divulge a message. Additionally, the same technology can be applied in order to predict mobility patterns and therefore help in planning transportation infrastructure. The interest for this type of application has proved very big and lead SThAR to applied its technology in the last election in the USA and Spain, and in camapaigns for the Red Cross and car company SEAT.


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