Program and Registration

The project will take place successively in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


São Paulo – 5 to 7 May 2016

At Impact Hub São Paulo

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The official start of the project will be marked in São Paulo on Thursday 5 May, as we will publicly present the project and BeMap’s technology together with all our locally based partners at the Impact Hub São Paulo.

On Friday 6 May we will together with the support of Woole and the local bicycle community collect the data throughout the day with the sensors installed on bicycles. Our base will be the wonderful Praça dos Arcos, from where our expeditions will take place. In order to have comparable data and to enrich the scientific findings, we will collect as well data about air pollution inside cars, buses and from pedestrians walking by foot.

On Saturday 7 May this data will be analyzed and forms the basis for a closed multi-sectorial brainstorming session lead by a design thinking approach. These ideas will then be presented to a larger public and the best one will be awarded by our jury, composed by urban specialists and thought leaders. Last but not least there will be a party for the participants, as an especially important part of the event is to show through a collaborative and enjoyable way, how much fun it can be to collect and use data.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation for the public presentation on Thursday 5 May on eventbrite.

If you think you have what it takes to participate in the other days in São Paulo, we’d be happy to hear from you on: stephanie


Rio de Janeiro – 10 to 12 May 2016

 At Museu do Amanhã

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On Wednesday 11 May, we will collect data twice with the sensors installed on bikes and pedestrians. All this thanks to the support of ITDP / Transporte Ativo and the local bicycle community, who will invest their energy into measuring the air pollution. Our base will be the impressive Museu do Amanhã, from where our expeditions are going to start. In the evening, the data will be discharged from the sensors to computers while the BeMap team is going to present their software, how to use it and visualize the data. To top it all off, we’ll watch a surprising movie and celebrate together!

Thursday 12 May will be an exciting day of creating solutions. Two roundtables are taking place in the morning, bringing together transportation experts, policy makers, urban specialists, mappers and makers. In the afternoon, we will leave the scene open for innovators so that new ideas may flourish collaboratively.

Last but not least there will be a party for the participants, as a particularly important part of the event is to show through a collaborative and enjoyable way, how much fun it can be to collect and use data!

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation for all days or the ones you’re interested in on Eventbrite.

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