The project


São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are two of the biggest cities in Latin America with various mobility and urban issues that directly influence people’s lives. As the number of people and cars in metropolitan areas increase, so does time lost in traffic. Quality of life and productivity in the city are largely driven by location and mobility concerns. Therefore the topic of urban mobility and pollution are of high interest to our urban areas worldwide!

Through an international partnership between BeMap, Woole and ITDP, we want to support the global bottom-up approach at the design process of the city. Our project is based on a “Mapping Party” concept that emerged within the OpenStreetMap-scene. It is a hands-on experience where data is collected and edited about the environment we live in, to encourage and help citizens to contribute to the cities shaping. The technological devices offered by beMap will enable the participants to collect data about the levels of air pollution through their bicycles.

Our goal is to analyze the data together with researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, the industry and official authorities. For this purpose we are going to use two different approaches – Design Thinking and a Mini-Hackathon, to create new innovative ideas on how to use the data for the improvement on the pollution levels and urban mobility.

 As we strongly believe that “smart cities” are made by “smart citizens”. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.11.34 PM
Standard display on BeMap Editor, where the points represent the pollution values according to the colour.