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  • Urban Living and Covid-19: Impacts on Architecture and the future of cities

    Article written by Anna Karla Almeida, urban architect and Doctoral Assistant at EPFL, at the Laboratory of Urbanism, Lab-U. Anna Karla was a panelist on the “Urban Living and Covid-19: Impacts on Architecture and the Future of Cities” webinar and shares below further insights about the topic with the swissnex community. Enjoy the reading!
  • Track & Crack Epidemics: Surveillance and Genomics - webinar

    Watch the webinar held on April 2, 2020, with Dr. Onício Leal Neto from the University of Zurich and Dr. Ester Sabino from the Medical School of the University of São Paulo about the current scenario of Brazilian research in epidemiology and the implications for the Covid-19 crisis.
  • AgriTech Experiences

    An event created to promote exchange of research experiences between Minas Gerais and Switzerland within the application of innovative technologies inside the agricultural sector
  • Co-Creating the Future of AI

    The swissnex Network, ​foraus​, and AI Commons put together a worldwide initiative that aims to promote beneficial outcomes for people and the planet as we include more artificial intelligence into our societies - proposals and ideas will be published and presented around the world.
  • Night of the Researchers in São Paulo

    Two European Research Council (ERC) awardees from Brazil presented their research and shared their experiences abroad in an event sponsored by swissnex Brazil, EURAXESS Brasil and Nuffic Neso
  • HealthTalks@swissnex: Tuberculosis?

    swissnex Brasil provides a space for open discussion on this deadly disease between researchers from Switzerland and Brazil, other specialists in the area, students and a patient who has been fighting tuberculosis for five years
  • Swiss Alumni 2018

    Swiss Alumni celebrates Swiss-Brazilian connections by gathering alumni of Swiss higher education institutions living in Brazil.
  • International Meeting: Mapping Techniques and Citizenship

    The meeting contextualized participatory mapping concerning present urban challenges, not only in Brazil but also in other countries with explosive processes of urbanization. The event took place at Uninove Campus, São Paulo.
  • Smart Cities for Sustainable and Inclusive Societies

    The St. Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America and swissnex Brazil organized an interactive debate on smart cities to discuss the potential of technology and innovation concepts to address current development challenges.
  • Seedstars World Competition 2018

    A swissnex Brazil, em parceria com o Seedstars World, premiou as melhores startups do Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo. Não foi uma escolha fácil!
  • Unlock the Blockchain

    The potential for decentralization and increased reliability of Blockchain technology was the theme of this panel at swissnex Brazil
  • HEIG-VD delegation in Brazil

    The students were in Brazil during the first two weeks of July for the II Summer University on Human Resources
  • GlobalStars Call Brazil 2018

    GlobalStars Call Brazil 2018 is open, in the framework of the EUREKA Initiative. All projects with Brazil are welcome, with a particular focus to projects of Micro and Nanoelectronics
  • FinPINTech: Swiss FinTech Landscape

    FinPINTech: swissnex Brazil presented the Swiss FinTech Landscape in an event in partnership with Inovabra Habitat and Swiss Business Hub
  • Ag Tech Valley in Piracicaba

    Swissnex Brazil hosted the Ag Tech Valley event on innovation in agriculture with a focus on themes such as smart farming, forest management, and sustainability.
  • Swiss Alumni 2017 in São Paulo

    swissnex Brazil had the pleasure to host the 3rd Swiss Alumni in São Paulo for a cocktail on last December 11. The annual Swiss Alumni event thrives on gathering ex-alumni from Swiss higher education institutions that are currently living and working in São Paulo.
  • Incobra Call for Bilateral Cooperation Networks EU-BR

    The goal of this call is to increase the visibility of both Brazilian and European Research and Innovation actors and research networks and to foster their cooperation by integrating into already existing bilateral R&I networks or supporting the creation of new ones
  • AIT Camp 2017 Day 1

    It's been a busy first day for AIT Camp participants in Rio de Janeiro! Marcel Gort, from ETH Zürich, is going to share his impressions of the activities during this week. Here's his account of the day.
  • #SwissGames gains Brazil

    A week of business and exchanges in game design and virtual reality promoted by swissnex Brazil at the BIG Festival 2017 put together developers, students and investors. Watch the video!
  • swissnex VR Space: a virtual tour through tech trends

    swissnex brought Birdly to Brazil, a Swiss-designed awarded full-body flight simulator. The exhibition of the Birdly was part of the event “swissnex VR Space”, an afternoon dedicated to virtual reality experiences.
  • The Prodigal Son

    AIT Alumni Alberto Hernandes participated at one of our talks@swissnex explaining about his startup SthAR, that uses big gata and physics for marketing
  • rio.Futuro with a Swiss touch

    rio.Futuro, the biggest event of digital innovation in Rio de Janeiro, counted with the partnership of swissnex, who brought Birdly, the awarded Swissfull body flight simulator, for the first time to the country. The startup SthAR, EPFL spin-off, also took part of the event
  • Crossing oceans for the health of the seas

    The exhibition of a brazilian documentary about marine pollution that started to be filmed at a swissnex event in 2015 was a moment to celebrate the spirit of partnership that lays in the essence of the institution.
  • My Thesis in 180 seconds: the progress was the victory

    Science communication competition awarded two Brazilians with tickets to Switzerland an two Swiss researchers with a trip to Brazil. More valuable than winning was the improvement of every participants' presentation skills.
  • AIT Camp in Brazil - Day 4 and 5

    Follow from very close our AITcamp in Rio by reading the first impressions of Emma Cavalli, one of our participants from Switzerland learning how to be an entrepreneur.
  • Post-Olympic Hangover? Not for swissnex Brazil!

    After six weeks of sports celebration and all eyes on Rio, it is time to take a moment to reflect on this busy time. Learn how we nurtured our mission of opening new doors to Swiss-Brazilian collaboration through the eyes of our CEO Gioia Deucher!
  • Cybathlon: a sneak peek into the first Bionic Olympic Games!

    Exactly one month before the first Cybathlon in Zurich, swissnex Brazil seized the opportunity of the Paralympics to invite the organizing committee of the first Bionic Olympics in history to Rio de Janeiro to give the Brazilian audience a taste of the competition that will take place on 8 October 2016.
  • New Brazilian Biodiversity Framework

    The New Brazilian Biodiversity Framework, which came into force in 2015, strengthens the Brazilian commitment in the context of the Convention on Biological Diversity, treaty established by the United Nations Environment Program.
  • When artists of the body meet artists of the voice

    How do you bring together singers, acrobats and a high degree of mechanical difficulty? This was done on the initiative of the University of Music of Lausanne, HEMU Lausanne, in collaboration with the Cod’ Act brothers and Swiss and Brazilian acrobats.
  • Born-Globals connect Switzerland and Brazil

    Claudia Fernando, a student from the School of Business HEIG-VD, is spending two months at swissnex Brazil for her research on Born-Globals from Switzerland. Find out more about her first impressions, her background, and her research. 
  • When one thing leads to another

    How connected dots continue taking on a life of their own. A surprising experience about sowing a seed and reaping the reward through the eyes of our new Junior Project Manager Sebastian.
  • Bottom-up innovation

    This year, swissnex Brazil is focusing its attention on another type of innovation: a more social, bottom-up innovation, which has not only been present in Brazil for decades but which has gained renewed importance in times of political and economic crisis in the country.
  • Race For Water Odyssey

    An amazing Swiss project aiming to raise awareness about plastic devastation in the oceans and make things change!
  • Principles of Swiss innovation

    ”Innovation is not the product of logical thought,although the result is tied tological structure.” Albert Einstein
  • Partnerships between ETH Zurich and Brazil

    Timber construction, informal architecture and biofuels – research partnerships, visiting professorships, start-ups and student projects: all these things connect ETH Zurich and World Cup host Brazil.