Going abroad with science without borders

Information about the scholarship programme offered by Brazil

Created on 26th July 2011 and primarily funded by the Federal Government of Brazil, this nationwide scholarship program is a joint effort of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology through their respective funding agencies – CAPES and CNPq.

The program seeks to strengthen and expand initiatives of science and technology, innovation and competitiveness, through international mobility of Brazilian undergraduate and graduate students and researchers.


To award 100’000 scholarships to Brazilian students and researchers to study in top universities worldwide by the end of 2014.

Types of Scholarship

  • Undergraduate study abroad
  • Postdoc
  • PhD Internships abroad
  • Professional Education
  • Full-time PhD
  • Visiting Researchers/Scholars

Please note that Switzerland only participates in the Science Without Borders program on a doctoral and post-doc level.

Scholarship duration

Up to 12 months. This is a one year non-degree program, as students will return to Brazil to complete their degrees.

Scholarship amount

Round trip transportation to/from Brazil and a monthly grant will be provided to each student directly by the Brazilian government (from EUR 1’480 to 2’480). The partner entities in the host countries will make arrangements to pay the students’ tuition, room, board and health insurance upon receipt of an invoice from each host school.

Selection of candidates

Students will be chosen through calls for proposals to be announced by CAPES and CNPq. The candidates must prove they have enough knowledge of the language required.

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