Academy-Industry Training 7th cycle: Information Session

On the 25th of May 2020, swissnex Brazil held an information session about the Academia-Industry Training (AIT). Our target audience were potential participants both from Brazil and Switzerland who wished to learn more about the programme and its application procedure. The AIT is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their research to the market. The programme takes place one week in Brazil (November 2020) and one week in Switzerland (April 2021). The application deadline is the 22nd of June 2020: you can find more information on the application procedure here.

Dr. Rocio Robinson, in charge of the start-up recruitment from the Swiss side, presented the opportunities of the camp in Switzerland. The week is full of events, taking place in cities such as Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zürich. Along the way there are innumerable opportunities to network with peers and perhaps potential investors. 

Amanda Akemi, Startups and innovation Manager at swissnex Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, also underlined how busy the week is, allowing participants to network with the Swiss network in Brazil, but also get acquainted with legal aspects or get to know relevant innovation hubs or labs. At the end of the week, there is also a final pitching event with feedback and a prize for the best startup. 

Ana Carolina Ferronato, CTO of NetWord Agro, participated in the 5th edition of the AIT in 2018/2019. The AIT helped her see herself not only as a scientist but also as an entrepreneur right at the beginning of the week, allowing her to take the most out of the programme. The feedback she received helped her integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in her business model, and she was then named SDG superhero by Sustainary in 2020. The AIT also gave her the opportunity to expand her network all over the world and get inputs from different people and her first investor. 

Erick Garcia is co-founder of REA, a Swiss medical startup that has a device enabling home-monitoring of pregnant women at risk of premature-birth. Brazil is a big potential market for REA, and the week spent in Brazil in 2019 was a key opportunity to get in touch with doctors and hospitals potentially interested in participating in clinical trials. 

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