AIT Camp 2017 Day 1

It’s been a busy first day for AIT Camp participants in Rio de Janeiro! Marcel Gort, from ETH Zürich, is going to share his impressions of the activities during this week. Here’s his account of the day.

AIT Camp 2017 Day 1
After having some free time on Sunday to get to know Rio and to experience the Brazilian culture, this morning we met Swiss punctual at the entrance of “Casa da Suíça” (House of Switzerland). Actually, I arrived at 7:59 and was the last one. Let’s see how this develops during the next days.

There, we were greeted by the swissnex team on the top of the building with an amazing view over the city. Finally, fun was over and we dived into the cultural differences between Brazil and Switzerland with Isabella Bablumian. Her session was followed by Phillip Praz who talked about doing business in Brazil. He definitely shocked a few people when explaining how difficult it was to enter the Brazilian market. Be aware it will not be the last shock!

Fortunately, lunchtime arrived so that everyone could recover from a great deal of information and the shock, of course.
Ready for more, we went to the Cisco Innovation Center, where the lady at the desk was admiring my Swiss passport because the crosses on the cover are three dimensional. Anyways, we were divided into three groups and received very practical and useful tips and tricks about pitching to investors, branding and communication by Rodrigo Tiraboschi, Adriel Oliveira, André Lins.

At 7:30 we arrived back to Monte Castelo tired but with a lot of new ideas in our minds. Nevertheless, there were still some very brave ones following Maxime Margairaz, from swissnex Brazil, to go for some Samba in the streets of Lapa. Who knows when they will return. Swiss punctual? We will see!

* Marcel Gort is an AIT Camp participant, from ETH Zürich

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