AIT Camp 2017 Day 2

By Marcel Gort*

A rainy day in Rio means traffic jam. Hence, this morning we left at 7:45 to visit the Apple Academy Centre at PUC(i). Yes, Brazilians do not like consonants at the end of a word. So just add an “i” to every word ending with a consonant and you already sound Brazilian. Anyways, the Apple Academy offers selected students a top-notch working environment including a complete set of Apple gadgets. And the investment paid off. The students presented some amazing apps they are currently developing. Everything from digitizing healthcare information to promoting movies where women had a significant role and, most importantly, fair participation.

Lunchtime. Oh my god, the buffet blew us away. Each one of us was trying to solve an optimization problem. How could we fit as much food as possible on our plates?

During the afternoon, Natalie Witte, Daniel Becker and Júlio Regoto, three lawyers from Rio, struck us with information about company forms, contracting with investors and intellectual property in Brazil. It was also time for the first meetings with potential Brazilian business partners to take place. Actually, it’s one of the most important parts of the week. Those who did not have any appointments could benefit from some additional pitch training. Also, always nice to have!

And that is how the evening program started: with a short pitch session featuring Jaime, Ana Cristina, Rayssa, Paulo Stefano, Amirhossein, Guilherme Henrique and me. It was followed by some networking during which we got the opportunity to taste amazing tapiocas filled with all kind of delicious ingredients. Brazilian cheese for example which is really good. Who would have expected that? Well, let’s see what will surprise us tomorrow!

* Marcel Gort is an AIT Camp participant, from ETH Zürich