AIT Camp 2017 Day 3

It’s been a busy week for AIT Camp participants in Rio de Janeiro! Marcel Gort, from ETH Zürich, is going to share his impressions of the activities during the training camp. Here’s his account of the day.

AIT Camp 2017 Day 3

Half of the week is already over. Sunday feels like half a year away. This morning we visited Antera Asset Management. From their terrace, we had a great view over the city, and since today the sun showed up again we had a fantastic sight of the Cristo Redentor surrounded by a paraglider – just like in the movies. According to Adriano, it is very unusual because it depends on a unique combination of winds and flying skills to fly over the mountains from the jump base.

After everyone shot 100 pictures and the mandatory selfies in front of the scenery, we got a short but pretty complete introduction to start-up investment in Brazil. Luisa Rodrigues, co-founder of Benfeitoria, explained us the different types of crowdfunding. With 70% of success rate, Benfeitoria offers a tremendous opportunity for small projects. Carlos Júnior from Clicksoft held a refreshingly honest speech about being a business angel. They have a much harder life than what I thought. Finally, Robert Binder showed how to prepare for a venture capitalist and what they are looking for in start-ups. In the end, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cute little restaurant on the rooftop.

Instead of taking the vans, for once we had a short walk along and through the botanic gardens to our next destination. Amazing how you could fit so many start-ups in such a small house. That is Entropia. A small but empowering start-up accelerator. I liked to see their drive.

Finally, it was time for my first meeting. Everyone who has been in Rio knows that driving here is nothing for risk-averse people. Busses, cars, motorcycles and even bicycles moving in sometimes undefinable ways as if there would be any rules. My Uber driver, however, felt apparently bored nonetheless and watched tv while driving. Yes, my heart rate during the ride might have been a bit increased.

As you can imagine, I arrived “Sano e salvo” as we Italians use to say, otherwise I would not be writing this blog. And the adrenaline was worth it. The meeting with Bruna, a dermatologist in Botafogo, was very fruitful and will hopefully lead to much more Swiss-Brazilian collaboration.

Now, I fell asleep… zzz… already dreaming about my many pitches tomorrow.

* Marcel Gort is an AIT Camp participant, from ETH Zürich