AIT Camp 2017 Day 4

It’s been a busy week for AIT Camp participants in Rio de Janeiro! Marcel Gort, from ETH Zürich, is going to share his impressions of the activities during the training camp. Here’s his account of the day.

AIT Camp 2017 Day 4

Now I start to feel the impact of this week. On the one hand, I’m sure my pitches improved, and on the other side, I’m getting tired quickly.

Today, we got the opportunity to visit the D’Or research institute which is doing top research in top labs. Unfortunately, I missed the tour through the very well-equipped laboratories. But it was worth it because I went to meet two dermatologists at the dermo-pathology department of UERJ. It was an exciting experience with many promising future leads. However, it was also incredible to see the gap between public and private healthcare in Brazil.

For whatever reason, here it is quite usual that there are dedicated people to operate the elevators. And like this, there are many other little things you encounter and make you reflect. Knowing the culture and people means understanding these little things.

In the afternoon, we met Ana Julia at PUC. She introduced us to her start-up Honeycomb, which offers an online tool to plan and execute projects. It is easy to understand and to implement. I like it a lot and would recommend it to everyone with a project to try it out.

Now, it was our turn. Together with a student of PUC-Rio, we started to plan the time between this camp and the camp in April in Switzerland. My student partner, unfortunately, did not speak any English. But as always there were a lot of great people around trying to help us. Special thanks go to Sylvia for her patience and help! In the end, we had a networking session accompanied by pizza and beer where we could look for a student interested in helping us during the next months. There I met Pietro who studies international relationships and is interested in helping us. I am looking forward to our collaboration!

Back to the hotel, Ana Martins, Alexandra and I finished our day with the last pitch training to prepare for the final pitch event on Friday. The camp is already coming to an end but with many precious experiences.

* Marcel Gort is an AIT Camp participant, from ETH Zürich