AIT Camp 2017 Day 5

It’s been a busy week for AIT Camp participants in Rio de Janeiro! Marcel Gort, from ETH Zürich, is going to share his impressions of the activities during the training camp. Here’s his account of the day.

AIT Camp 2017 Day 5

I will use this last blog not only to describe the final day with the grand finale but to summarize the impressions of the entire AIT week.

On our trip by ferry to Niterói, we crossed an impressive bridge which is something between nine and thirteen kilometers long (depending on the source). The pitching finale was held at the Museum for Contemporary Art which has extraordinary architecture and a breath-taking view, especially when seen from the restaurant.

The presentation room, unfortunately, did not have any windows, but this way we were not distracted by the view which would have anyway had a hard time to compete with the excellent presentations. We impressed ourselves with the progress we all made. In the end, the jury handed out two prices. Congratulations to Guilherme and Noris for winning the best pitches.

This intensive morning culminated in a well-deserved lunch and a boat trip back to Rio. Sadly, I missed this part as I had a meeting but with a charming lady which gave me helpful input. According to Adriano’s schedule, we should have spent the sunset on the sugar loaf this last evening. The weather had other plans for us. Many thanks to Maxime for taking the initiative and organizing the vans to go partying to Copacabana, more precisely to the Mud Bug Sports Bar. Some of us had their partners from Switzerland joining them, and others found other company to enjoy the evening. In every case, we were the group dancing the most!

In the end, I think all of us had a great experience here in Brazil and besides business networking found many new friends. It was an excellent opportunity to widen our horizon. In general, the Swissnex Team has done an outstanding job organizing this week. However, there were a few things which could have been done better. Many of us were a bit disappointed by the organization of the meetings for example. Hopefully, during the second camp in Switzerland, this will work out better. The Brazilian participants now have a vast network to get the most out of the upcoming training week.

* Marcel Gort is an AIT Camp participant, from ETH Zürich