AIT Camp in Brazil – Day 0 and 1

Day 0, Bom dia Brasil!

Early morning start for the Swiss team who lands in Rio de Janeiro at 5am. Adriano and Sebastian, our great coaches, take us to visit the nearby neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. This vibrant part of the city is located on top of the Santa Teresa hill and allows us to enjoy a beautiful view over Rio de Janerio and the Sugar Loaf.

In the afternoon there is time for more sightseeing at Copacabana. No better way to start this exciting adventure than walking along the beach and exploring the local markets!

Day 1, Let’s get this started

Our first day of the AIT camp starts at the swissnex terrace. Here we finally meet the Brazilian participants and we are warmly welcomed by the Swiss consul, Giancarlo Fenini, and by the whole swissnex team.

The first presentation is given by Isabella Bablumia from InRio Partners. Her insight about the cultural differences between Switzerland and Brazil are really precious to help us understanding how to communicate between the two countries. The next one is Simon Locher from Swiss Business Hub Brazil who gave us an introduction to the Brazilian economy and some advices about how to start and maintain a business in Brazil.

After lunch we moved to the IED, the Instituto Europeo di Design. In addition of the awesome location, right by the beach, this place is full of inspiration. Rodrigo Tiraboschi, M&A Advisor, held a pitching workshop and helped us practicing our pitch to venture capitalists: a few tricks could make the difference between getting the investment or not! The afternoon continued with the IED designers who helped us finding catchy slogans for our startups. This is a good example of how a good team work can foster creativity and lead to quite some fun!

Emma Cavalli, ETH Zurich


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