AIT Camp in Brazil – Day 4 and 5

Day 4, What is a social entrepreneur?

The day starts with a surprise: we are going to visit a community in the favela Cantagalo. This is a unique opportunity to have an insight into the life of a social entrepreneur and the challenges that he/she face every day in a reality like Brazil.

After lunch, we have one more chance to understand how startups can be funded through venture capital and private equity. And, importantly, what investors look for when choosing where to invest their money.

The afternoon is dedicated to personal business meetings and rehearsals for the final pitching session. The week almost came to its end and it is time to summarize and put into practice all we learned the previous days.

Day 5, Suit up!

Everybody is wearing their best tie/dress and never looked so good J We are ready to pitch our story in front of investors, professors, researchers, business angels, companies and all the contacts we made during the week. There is excitement in the air when we arrive at a co-working space to hear the experience of 4 entrepreneurs who made it their way to a successful start-up. There is a lot to learn and we don’t miss this chance to ask questions and advice.

Finally, we arrive at Rio Negocios and we start the final pitching session. Everybody delivered a great pitch and received many positive comments from the high-level audience. The quality of the pitches clearly improved since the beginning of the camp and this is an achievement worth celebrating with a great party!

Thank you to the people who made this trip unforgettable, who helped us improving our entrepreneurial personality and brought us a step closer to having a successful start-up. Thank you Adriano, Sebastian, and the whole swissnex team!

Emma Cavalli, ETH Zurich


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