AIT Swiss Camp – Day 3

AIT Camp Switzerland – The Zurich experience

Zurich, 27 April 2016 (Wednesday, day 3)


New city, new dimensions! How about to start the day with a pitch? We were invited to present our ideas to our peers during breakfast, so the coaches and the other participants could provide tips and feedback towards our projects in a cozy, informal manner. After that, we took a tram to our industrial visits in the morning. The life science group headed to Covagen, a pharmaceutical company incorporated by Johnson & Johnson, with a focus on modified antibodies as a therapy for inflammatory diseases. A lot of funding and networking opportunities were also presented! The Information Technology group went to Flatev, a great company informally known as the “Nespresso of tortillas”. Just as easy as the coffee, people on Flatev were kind and very friendly, showing several features of their financial and marketing plans.

After a nice lunch at Schlieren, we had a great surprise! We were honored to be the first to enjoy the brand new Startup Space (SSP), an excellent space for interaction and exchange of ideas! There, Mr Gabriel Bottós and Mr Stefan Steiner showed us the importance of execution plans for marketing and sales to high-tech ventures. While Mr Steiner gifted us with a direct planning and formal way to proceed, Mr Bottós had a more holistic view of entrepreneurship, with perfect metaphors and parables that helped us to understand the whole process of innovating.

Then, the big shot of the night: the Pitch Fest! All the participants had the chance to present their ventures in a 2 minutes pitch. The best from each country – Swiss, Brazil and India – were selected to the semifinal: from Switzerland, Daniel (entertainment and marketing), Natali (stem cells-based personalized medicine) and Marius (outdoor marketing campaigns) were chosen. From the Brazilian team, Hudson (nanomaterial solutions) and Paula (diagnostics by breath analysis) got more votes. The initiatives from India were represented by Akshay (graphene-based smoke filtering) and Ashray (wearable speakers for concerts). The semifinalist had to answer what was done in the last three months and what is going to happen in the three following months. After a 1 minute pitch, Daniel, Akshay and Ashray were chosen as finalists. The greatest innovative impact made Ashray the very first Champion of the AIT Camp Pitch Fest!

As we already know, social network is great for every entrepreneur. So, after the Pitch Fest, a lovely party was held at Startup Space to celebrate the awesome day we’ve had. Great food, wine, nice and immersive music provided by the champion of course!

Lucas Secchim Ribeiro, B. Pharm, M.Sc., Ph.D.


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