Best of swissnex 2019: The Annual Report

In 2019 the swissnex Network ran over 340 activities and events throughout the world in conjunction with over 180 partner organizations. It also supported 58 Swiss start-ups to internationalize their business and promoted exchange between a range of players in different fields, which are of relevance to the Swiss education, research and innovation landscape, for example in space engineering. The swissnex Network’s 2019 annual report is published online and marks the launch of the organization’s 20th-anniversary celebrations.

The 2019 annual report looks back at the wide range of activities run by the swissnex Network, which comprises five swissnex locations and 21 Science Counselors in Swiss embassies on all continents. Their common aim is to promote international networking and to foster the commitment of Swiss institutions and individuals from the fields of education, research and innovation (ERI).

Activities included a virtual reality hackathon organized by swissnex Brazil, in which software developers and neuroscientists joined musicians and game designers to discover new worlds.

A number of locations addressed the subject of space travel, exploring, for example, the question of how space applications already contribute to a more sustainable future on Earth and how they can do so in future. Moreover, swissnex China held an event entitled Future of Money focusing on new technologies in the field of finance. This event, which took place during a visit by Ueli Maurer, the President of the Swiss Confederation at the time, led to various cooperation projects being set up between Chinese and Swiss partners.

The publication of the 2019 annual report marks the launch of the swissnex Network’s 20th-anniversary celebrations. In the last quarter of 2020 swissnex will be inviting researchers, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to imagine what Switzerland’s role in the field of education, research and innovation might look like in 2040. At the heart of the programme, entitled ‘nex20: Connecting Tomorrow’, is a decentralized and participative campaign involving five topics and a range of activities in different formats.

swissnex is the Swiss global network for education, research, and innovation. It supports the outreach and active engagement of its partners in the exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent on the global stage. The five swissnex locations and their outposts are established in the world’s most innovative hubs. Together with around twenty Science Counselors based in Swiss embassies, they help to promote Switzerland’s profile as a world-leading innovation hotspot.

The swissnex Network is an initiative of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and is part of the Confederation’s network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. The swissnex activities are based on a collaborative approach, involving public and private partnerships and funding.