Co-Creating the Future of AI

The swissnex Network, ​foraus​, and AI Commons launched a global initiative as part of the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva 2019, and the Brazilian event took place in São Paulo last week with the workshop “Towards an Inclusive Future in AI.” This part of the initiative was guided by two Brazilian researchers in the area – Glauco Arbix, Professor of Sociology at the University of São Paulo (USP) and Marisa Vasconcelos from IBM. This project aims to promote beneficial outcomes for people and the planet as we include more artificial intelligence into our societies in the coming decades. swissnex San Francisco and swissnex India also ran the workshops.

The swissnex Brazil event had 20 participants from different areas: start-ups, government, academia, NGOs, and the business sector. Glauco Arbix, who is also the Coordinator of the Innovation Observatory at the Institute of Advanced Studies (USP), said that the event was a remarkable initiative that brought together people with different background and training and that from such “clash” we can truly innovate to create new values in the area of AI.

Participants were asked to look at an inclusive future in AI, thinking about the challenges, initiatives, and intentions in the area. One of the proposals of this operation is to gather data from around the world, post the results in the foraus’ platform Policy Kitchen, and take it to the Summit that is happening now in Geneva. As a synthesis session, the exploration of the research, development, and governance aspects of AI are crucial to realize the principle of inclusion in practice.

These proposals and ideas which were gathered worldwide with this project, conducted at various locations of the swissnex Network and ​the Open Think Tank Network, will also be reviewed by an advisory board and presented in a final publication, as well as to decision makers at various national and multilateral bodies, including the AI for Good Global Summit and AI Commons.