Festival Speech Acts 2019

Between May and June of 2019, the city of Rio de Janeiro held the hybrid festival Atos de Fala (“Speech Acts”) that mixes exhibition, performances, speech-intervention and artistic laboratory – all presented by renowned national and international artists. This fifth edition of the festival, which was in partnership with Zurich Moves!, fostered the gathering of artists in Switzerland and Brazil through the workshop On Eating and Being Eaten. Through this project – supported by ProHelvetia, swissnex Brazil, and Goethe Institute – the laboratory brought together Swiss, German and Brazilian artists in experiments that address the relationship between Brazil and Europe.

This year’s festival edition had the motto Escapar do Capataz (Escape the Foreman), bringing forth the idea that freedom is a dispute and free capital fluctuation comes at the expense of historically vulnerable and oppressed populations. Under this sentiment, artists presented their different perspectives of liberation – as the festival creators put it: “if the quilombos were the place of escape in feudal Brazil, today’s reality remind us that territories are also symbolic and sensory spaces”.

Atos de Fala gathered together 28 artists from around the world and about 800 spectators in total. The partnership with Zurich Moves! created an opportunity for cultural exchange between Europe and Brazil, where artists were able to perform in both festivals, generating discussion and an interchange of ideas among performers.

Check out below some of the iconic images of the festival.