HanaHana at swissnex Brazil

The virtual world “HanaHana” flourished and sprouted hands at swissnex Brazil, in an event that brought together programmers, producers and VR enthusiasts. The HanaHana artist and creator Mélodie Mousset explained how her creation is unfolding in the real world, opening doors and possibilities she did not expect. The VR artform was named after a fruit ingested by heroine Nico Robin from the manga One Piece. Like Nico, the player who enters the world of HanaHana can reproduce body parts (the hands) in a desert environment, which, when explored by the player, reveals unusual locations.

Mélodie is a French artist based in Zurich who has won international awards with her project. She also developed partnerships with researchers in the field of health, studying the use of VR among children with cancer in Italy. Mélodie explained how she intends to expand the world of HanaHana and foresees another two years of work and development on this project. At swissnex Brazil, Mélodie presented her virtual world, which was available for attendees to experience it.

The Hackathon SNX.VR was also launched during the event. Its purpose is to stimulate teams of artists, designers, musicians, programmers, and creatives to expand the world of HanaHana using a device created by neuroscientist Bruno Herbelin, Deputy Director of the Center for Neuroprosthetics at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. The device is called “Virandola”, which means windmill in Italian, and allows you to capture the air produced by breathing through a small mill attached to the VR headset. Breathing is then transformed into data for virtual reality interaction. Bruno’s work is open-source, and he explains online how people can make their own “Virandola” using 3D printing, microprocessors, and easily accessible materials. The aim of Hackathon SNX.VR is to test the limits of the HanaHana and Virandola cooperation and will take place in August 2019 on swissnex Brazil.

During the event, several guests started to organize their teams for the Hackathon, and Mélodie herself said she would join a group if she could! The competition requirement is that at least one of the participants in each group is experienced in the language of Unity 3D – the game development platform in which HanaHana was created. Each team can have between three and four members. Swissnex Brazil will soon announce entries and more details.

Check out the event video bellow with Mélodie:


Underneath is another video where neuroscientist Bruno explains “Virandola” – it was created especially for the event at swissnex.