Helveticrobot succeeds at RoboCup in João Pessoa

From 21 to 24 July 2014, the RoboCup Junior World Cup was held in João Pessoa, Brazil. This year, the Helveticrobot team from the Bündner Kantonsschule Chur, participated in the “Soccer” discipline. The team, made up of four youths aged 16 to 18, came second in the “Best Robot Award” category as well as winning the “Best Teamwork Award”. swissnex Brazil congratulates Helveticrobot for their amazing and innovative work. Here a few impressions from their Brazilian experience:

The action hit off as soon as we arrived. After the presentation of our robot, the first tests began and soon after, the real competition started. In the “Soccer” category, two robots play against the robots of the other team. Just like in real soccer, the team that scores more goals wins. At first, we were a little overwhelmed. There was so much hustling and bustling around us with people from all over the world focused on doing well. However, after the presentation of the robot we soon found our place.


While we were highly motivated working on our robots, we were, frankly, quite nervous at our games. Unfortunately, as so often, little problems surfaced just moments before the competition, such as a loose connection on one of our six boards.

Immediately following the games, we would get back to work to improve our robots – sometimes into the early morning hours. But despite the challenges and thanks to our team’s commitment to keep solving the problems ad hoc, we managed to convince the jury with our innovative robot. As one of the only teams with a Dribbler and a Kicker, we were able to achieve the second rank of the “Best Robot Award”. Also, our team spirit impressed the jury and we’re very proud to have won  the “Best Teamwork Award.”

“For me some of the highlights were the games in the Super Team. In the Super Team, you play together with four other teams against an equally large team. We were grouped with the Portuguese, Canadians, Americans and the Japanese. This requires a great deal of coordination and planning within such a large group,” says Sara Michel, 18 years old.

But the competition was far bigger than just our category. In the majors, we could see household robots at work, man-sized robots walking around and scoring goals, as well as victim searches in the “Rescue” category.

“One of the most exciting events at RoboCup 2014 was the final match of the middle size league at the majors,”

raves Andrea Cavelti, 16 years old.


Besides the many impressions at the World Cup, we gained fascinating insights into Brazilian culture. We had many interesting conversations with locals and experienced several culinary surprises.

The long journey to Brazil, the excitement at the competition and the new friendships formed all made for an unforgettable experience. We will keep this memory and use it as motivation to already start preparing for the next competitions.

“Colorful, cheerful, warm, sleep-deprived and success-oriented are a few keywords, that describe how we experienced the Robotics World Cup in Brazil,”

summarizes Helveticrobot member Sandra Nedic, 18 years old.


Text by: Sara Michel

Images: Helveticrobot