Innosuisse and EMBRAPII Joint Call Update

Switzerland and Brazil announced their first bilateral call for joint Research and Development Projects via the innovation agencies of both countries. Innosuisse and EMBRAPII got together to create this call that aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the business and research communities within both countries. The call has a two-stage evaluation process created to align the submitted applications, allowing a fair chance of success for all who apply. The first deadline for the Pre-Proposal has now changed  to May 20th due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak.
This call is focused on research and development ranging from experimental proof of concept to technology demonstrated in a relevant environment, leading to innovative solutions, which are considerably differentiated from comparable existing ones in the market in terms of their functions, parameters or other features. These innovations should provide added economic, societal or environmental values, having a significant market potential for Brazil and Switzerland.
At this time, it is open to all scientific disciplines; however, projects in the following topics are particularly appreciated:

• Biotech and medtech
• Agriculture and food production
• Industry 4.0
• Advanced materials
• Information and communication technologies
• Clean energy & water
• Sustainable cities and communities
• Innovation and creativity (social, technical, cultural) and digitalization

All proposals must meet following eligibility criteria to be qualified for evaluation: 1) The project consortia must include at least one business from each country, one research institute accredited by EMBRAPII as “EMBRAPII Unit” and one research institute from Switzerland – 2) The participation of further research organizations and further commercial companies from both countries according to each country’s funding regulations is welcome – 3) The eligibility for funding of research organizations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective country – 4) The project partners shall name one designated main project contact; EMBRAPII Units and Swiss research institutes will be automatically considered as national contacts – 5) The project should demonstrate a relevant innovation content, added-value and benefit from the bilateral cooperation in both countries – 6) The project must be equally significant to all participants, one country cannot represent more than 70% of the overall project budget – 7) With the proposal, the consortium is encouraged to present a draft agreement on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), in order to reduce the negotiation time after the proposal approval and project start – 8) Both agencies will only consider project costs which arise within their country eligible for funding, crossborder funding is not foreseen.

Proposals must meet all eligibility criteria to be considered for evaluation and there will not be an opportunity to correct errors in the proposals after the application deadline.

Bellow is the Timeline for this Call:

Submission deadline for Pre-Proposals: May  20th 2020
Communication of the results: June 2020
Submission deadline for Proposals: September 18th 2020
Communication of the results: November 2020

For more information on eligibility and how to apply click here