Innovation against the threat of Zika

The Ebola epidemic allowed the World Health Organization to build plans that might enable to find R&D answers for the Zika virus.


Passing to the state of alert, the Zika virus has been raising attention worldwide as it continues to grow and infect people mostly in Brazil. The Brazilian government has made it a priority to combat the mosquito Aedes Aegyptus and is involved in large-scale awareness-raising and mosquito eradication campaigns.

There is still very little scientific knowledge on Zika and there is an urgent need to find new medical tools, realize diagnostics and develop vaccines that could prevent the threat of such virus. Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General, Health Systems and Innovation, declared that many manufacturers and Research Institutions are already involved in helping or wanting to join the research. As proven by Ebola, if the R&D community works together, there will be a better chance of finding a cure or treatment against the virus.

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