Luca Forcucci in Brazil

Composer and audio-visual swiss artist Luca Forcucci is touring from August to November in many cities in Brazil to give lectures, workshops and live shows.

Luca Forcucci is a Swiss composer, media artist, writer and researcher. To explore the possibilities of sound in a musical context and art as an experience, his works crosses with dance, digital performance, poetry, architecture and neuroscience. In this context, Forcucci is interested in the perception of consciousness. He conducted his research at GRM (Group for Musical Research) in Paris, and in the Brain Mind Institute in Switzerland. His works are presented all around the world (São Paulo Bienal, Akademie der Künste Berlin, MAXXI: Museum Arte Século XXI Roma, Rockbund Xangai Museum, Haus der Künste Elektronischen Basileia, Présences Electroniques Festival de Genebra, The Lab San Francisco). His work is edited by the important Subrosa label.

Upcoming dates:

22.8 /  Studio Fitacrepe / Sao Paulo / Brazil (Concert)

24.8 / Media Department of UNESP / Sao Paulo (Lecture)


10.9 / Nano Lab / University Federal of Rio de Janeiro (Lecture)

24.9 / Multiplicidade Festival / Rio de Janeiro (Concert)

9.10 / Elektronica Festival / Belo Horizonte / Brazil (Concert)

6.11 / Multiplicidade Festival / Rio de Janeiro (Concert)