Microalgae, Arts and Afrobeats: from Da Vinci and geometry through space

On the 4th edition of talks@swissnex, we had an exotic mix of themes for one night: Science, Arts and Music. Consequently, the attendance of “Microalgae, Arts and Afrobeats” was high; almost sixty people made their way to the swissnex terrace on June 14th.

The curator of the Museum of Tomorrow, Luiz Alberto Oliveira, beautifully introduced the event with a presentation about arts and its connection to science, in a historical and very general way. Beginning with the first representation of Space and Depth in paintings, using geometry and mathematics. He showed the complexity and the beauty of microorganisms, natural figures and shapes, which can be interpreted as art, and talked about the unpredictability of nature – and its beauty.

After the presentation, Tito Lee from el Patrol – the artistic duo which is organising the FLUX Art Festival in Florianópolis – presented their project “Planet A”, where they plan to modify the growing of Microalgae with different frequencies in a futuristic and spatial way. Algae are very rich and resistant, they survive in space without any problem. Tito explained the potential power of those characteristics, as much in terms of nutrition in the future as in medicine. The presentation required some creativity from the listener, as the project is still in progress. He told us how and with whom el Patrol works, what they are planning and how far they’ve got until now. After the two speeches, people started to have caipirinhas at the bar and Tito played Afrobeats; the discussion continued until almost midnight.