My Thesis in 180 Seconds: They have 3 minutes do captivate the audience

Forget about teachers, mentors and peers. My Thesis in 180 seconds is a challenge for PhD students to get their work approved by the general public!

Engineering, nanoparticles science, biotechnology, computational biology. Twenty-four PhD students, twelve from Brazil and twelve from Switzerland, coming from various fields of hard science, will face a competition to see who best presents their work on a stage in 3 minutes.

Participants will be graded according to their presentation skills and how well they are able to communicate their work for a non-expert jury. The final competition follows a three-days training sessions, in which all students will have the chance to enhance abilities such as word choice, body language and intonation. The event takes place simultaneously in Brazil and in Switzerland, with semi-finals happening via video conference. The best of each country wins a plane ticket to visit the other and gets to present their study topic abroad.

“This type os science contest not only helps students to feel more comfortable in presenting their work to others, but also serves to inform the general public about the wide and exciting range of scientific research being carried out in Brazil”, says Adriano Bürgi, lead project manager of the event from swissnex Brazil.

My Thesis in 180 seconds is a initiative of Nano-Tera, in partnership with swissnex Brazil. Museu do Amanhã is a host for the event.

Stay tuned on our social media channels to meet the finalists on the 12th of March, 1.30pm Brazilian time. 




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