swissnex Brasil on air: CNN Money Switzerland’s Tech Talk TV show with CEO Maria Conti

swissnex Brasil was featured on CNN Money Switzerland’s TV Tech Talk TV show, which addresses innovation, technology and business issues in the country and worldwide. Interviewed by the host Ana Maria Montero, swissnex Brazil CEO Maria Conti presented an overview of the work done in Brazil. According to Maria, Brazil has a variety of topics for research and startup solutions and has strengthened an extensive network of relationships to develop new projects and partnerships. Brazil is an exciting territory for research and startups in the areas of HealthTech and Urban Innovation. For example, Rio de Janeiro was chosen by Unesco as the World Capital of Architecture in 2020. swissnex Brazil also has partners in the most lively innovation clusters in the agriculture field.

“We are mapping opportunities in whole Brazil regarding agriculture. If you imagine Brazil as a continent you can study, you can research and have startups fostering their business in the Amazon region, in the semi-arid region. We are thinking about sustainable agriculture and sustainable food production”. (Maria Conti, swissnex Brazil CEO)

Maria also spoke about the partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Institute, one of the most prestigious health research centers in Latin America, and about the opportunities for Swiss startups in Brazil through the Academia-Industry Training program and the Market Entry Camp promoted by Innosuisse. Ignacio Barrios, CEO of the Swiss startup Kido Dynamics was also interviewed on the show and revealed that the AIT and Innosuise’s Market Entry Camp are part of Kido’s history. He remarked the importance of swissnex Brazil in supporting the startup soft-landing in the Brazilian market and that they are already developing businesses in the country.

“We have local partners, and this is instrumental in making things move faster. Moreover, also the support of swissnex to open doors. If you don’t have someone in place that will help you out to navigate the situation and the cultural clash that you might suffer, that makes things difficult.” (Ignacio Barrios, Kido Dynamics CEO)

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