swissnex Brazil celebrates its 4th anniversary

swissnex Brazil celebrated its four years on April 27, 2018. The pleasant autumn night in Rio de Janeiro set the perfect atmosphere to welcome on our terrace the friends and partners who have accompanied us on this journey.

“It’s an extraordinary moment for all of us because it’s a birthday moment, four years of ties made through this platform that was built and is being built step-by-step. I see people happy, smiling and I think this is the moment that shows that we are reaping some fruits of a job done and with a lot of desire to do many other partnerships, many other steps and events like this,” celebrated Maria Conti, CEO of swissnex Brazil.

The party brought together the teams of the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices. Ambassador Mauro Moruzzi, Head of International Relations of SERI and swissnex Network and Cecilia Neyroud, Scientific Advisor to SERI joined the celebration. For Mauro Moruzzi, “It’s great we are here celebrating the fourth year of swissnex in Rio. A new start, a new team, but the story is an old story, it’s working, and I’m sure that in the next forty years we ‘re going to achieve great things in Rio and Brazil in general.’

The celebration also featured a special presentation by the artistic collective Kinetic.lab, which researches interactive experiences between body and technology. The group presented the performance Kinetic-Dance, where dancers Brigitte Wittmer and João Mandarino explore the visual effects of video projections of their bodies generated from motion sensors.

The entire swissnex Brazil team – Amanda, Elisa, Leonardo, Maria, Natalie, Pedro, and Sylvia – thank immensely for all of you who have contributed to the success of this journey and leave the doors open to build together the next steps for the next years.