Talks@swissnex with Hans Herrmann: The Unbearable Roughness of Networks

On May 25th we has the pleasure to count on the presence of Professor Hans Jürgen Herrmann, from ETH Zurich, for the second edition of talks@swissnex in Rio de Janeiro. He is a theoretical physicist and full Professor at the Institute of Building Materials. Living partly in Brazil for 15 years, he is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Science. Hans Herrmann discussed about vulnerabilities of networks and strategies to prevent their destruction. But what is a complex network?

Complex networks are essential for our daily life. The internet, social organizations, energy and transport systems, even the brain are comprised to complex networks. Vulnerable, they are susceptible to failure or criminal attacks – or they can fail randomly. In some cases, for example in communication systems, the prevention of the destruction is essential, while in others – for example from criminal networks – the destruction is desired. Depending on a network structure and its model – for example a friendship network, a terrorist network or a biological network –  the strong respectively the weak spots are in different places. Also, there are different types of attacks. Hans Herrmann explained to the attentive and mostly expert audience where and how to strengthen the roughness of networks.