Technology revolutionizes Sports

Wiktor, could you introduce yourself and the story of Technis?

I am coming from an engineering background  coupled with entrepreneurial experiences ( ETHZ, Harvard) and I always had the will to create new value as the definition of innovation represents. With Martin Hofmann (EPFL, UoBristol), co-founder and CTO of Technis, and its incredible skills for engineering and invention, we started to think about how to solve our problem when we were playing tennis: lack of fun and accuracy of the calling of the ball at the line. We created Technis, a startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We decided to develop a smart surface that can sense, recognize and predict any events on it. Starting from tennis, we are able to provide a training tool, as a smart mat that you place wherever on the court and it keeps track of your performance (services, IN/OUT, warmup exercises). Other markets, such as security to control the flux of people or medical applications with fall detection features have already been integrated in our business.


Technis1 ddddd What brought you to Brazil?

Technis was invited to share its entrepreneurial experience and vision at the “Sports as Business Conference” organized by swissnex Brazil and the University of St. Gallen at the House of Switzerland in Rio. The high-level networking in the event was very much appreciated and beneficial for partnerships.

Having been present as a sports tech company during the Olympic Games was an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovation and vision about sports, especially to meet influencers of the sports industry.

What are the opportunities you have seen in Brazil?

There are many opportunities in Brazil to develop a great business. Sports represent a lot in the daily activities of the population. There are many opportunities of partnerships between Switzerland and Brazil. Even though the economic and political crisis are not facilitating the trust in the market, I really felt the willingness from other entrepreneurs and decision-makers that I met in Brazil to continue to develop and push the economy towards growth. The opportunities to introduce sophisticated technologies are not yet united but Brazil is a land of opportunity, that is for sure.

Why do you think it’s important to have a network such as swissnex Brazil? 

You cannot enter a market from one day to another. It requires a good preparation such as market analysis and implementation strategy of your product/service in the new market. swissnex Brazil brings the knowledge and the network to enter South American markets in terms of industrial partners, future clients and mainly investors. The presence of swissnex in Rio and São Paulo, the hearts of business in South America, is much needed for startups, SME and even bigger companies.

There were many negative headlines in the international press about the Olympics. You’ve had the chance to be here in Rio, what were your impressions?

The negative headlines were mostly about the economic situation of Brazil and the economic impact of the Olympics on Brazil. The world sees the Olympics and the Paralympics for about 4 weeks every 4 years: but Olympics should not be seen as a four weeks’ sport event. Olympics can be very positive if it enters an economic and educational program over 15 to 20 years. Sport and education should be combined together. I have hope that the proposed program using sports as a tool for education will be continued and even further developed, especially the education of young people. I had the chance to be at the tennis finals during the Olympics and the quality of the stadiums was impressive in contrast to what one could see in the newspapers. The welcome from Brazilians is always amazing!

Thank you Wiktor!

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