Welcome, Elisa and Nathalie! Farewell, Lucia and Max!

Once more we have to say goodbye to the Junior Project Managers with whom we have shared office space, everyday tasks, project management and space in our hearts for the past six months. Maxime Margairaz (swissnex Brazil in Rio de Janeiro) and Lucia Librero (São Paulo) will head back to Lausanne to finish the studies, but Max will only see the alps after enjoying his first Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and Lucia has a pit stop in China for a student exchange program. Time for goodbyes, but also to welcome the new Junior Project Managers. Elisa Brühwiler studied Sports Science at the University of Bern and is going to be based at the Rio de Janeiro Office. Nathalie Comtesse studies Busines Management at HEC Lausanne and will be contributing to our São Paulo Office.

We believe it’s an excellent opportunity to take part of the swissnex Brazil internship program, but we let our last JPM’s speak on our behalf. Check out Lucia and Max interview about their experience in Brazil.

How would you define your experience at swissnex Brazil?

Nathalie and Lucia, swissnex JPMs in São Paulo

LUCIA –  For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to be part of such a visionary and international platform such as swissnex! Being a connector in the scientific diplomacy sector between Switzerland and Brazil with such a philanthropic purpose was definitely inspiring! The variety of projects and responsibilities really keeps you away from routine, which keeps you constantly motivated and fresh to start the next one! Moreover, the advantage of having an experience in the project management area really gives you a global vision of each detail you have to actually take into account to make your event and objectives successful! Moreover, working within such a great, dynamic and collaborative team was very rewarding because I could constantly learn and exchange ideas with my peers and feel totally integrated!

From a professional perspective, I think that swissnex definitely empowers you. For instance, I not only gained confidence towards decision-making but also in negotiation skills and time management. On a personal note, learning Portuguese language and discovering Brazilian culture was just a beautiful experience. Brazilian’s generosity, kindness, hospitality, simple lifestyle, and joy of life made me feel like home. Learning to deal with intercultural differences teaches you without exception to be more tolerant and flexible. I would like to especially thank my team in Sao Paulo who have daily taught me and supported me. Mayra, thank you for your sharing your knowledge and for your inspiring mentorship! Sylvia, thank you for being by my side and for your cultural tips!

MAX – In one word, amazing! I enjoyed every single moment and I couldn’t imagine to learn that much about Brazil and also, surprisingly, about Switzerland. While working at swissnex, you make a lot of really good and relevant contacts, that will for sure will be important for you in your future, even being out off swissnex. The swissnex team is amazingly competent and super friendly and open-minded, they have made my stay and my experience here in Rio de Janeiro just perfect.

What was your most remarkable moment, project or event?

Elisa and Max, JPMs in Rio de Janeiro

LUCIA – My biggest achievement at swissnex Brazil was, without doubt, the organization of our 3rd Swiss Alumni edition: “Under the same roof: a diversidade da representação suíça no Brasil”. I had the pleasure to have the complete ownership of this project from its conception until its execution. Since it was my biggest goal and responsibility during my internship, I really put all my energy and efforts together, in order to make it a memorable one! From a marketing and sponsorship campaign with great partners, bringing the Swiss Institutions together, making great connections and creating a charity raffle within almost one-month was definitely the greatest professional challenge I had so far and of which I learned and enjoyed every second of it! 🙂

MAX – I had the chance to help the organization of the Academia-Industry Training week, and that was an incredible experience. It wasn’t easy to organize, with a lot to think about, from accommodation of the participants to the conferences and activities, but the result was really satisfying to watch and I think that all the participants had a great time, as much as I did.

What are your wise words for the new JPMs?

LUCIA – As I already told Nathalie, our new JPM in Sao Paulo, I encourage her to make the most of her experience by assisting in different talks, conferences and events happening in the city, in order to get the business dynamic of “paulista’s” capital and to start being a great connector for potential projects. I would also suggest her to take the unique chance that swissnex offers to every JPM, which is to develop project or talks that really passionate you and to always stay curious! This is the only way to open your mind to synergies you would have never imagined before… Believe me, swissnex makes it happen!

Now, I give the stage to my successor: Welcome Nathalie! I wish you all the luck and success!

MAX – Be ready for any surprises or challenges, don’t be afraid to give your opinion or ideas to the team, learn as much as you can and most of all enjoy your time at swissnex Brazil because this kind of opportunities does not appear that much in one lifetime.

Lucia, you’ve become a São Paulo lover in the last months. What are your out-of-the-box tips and recommendations to enjoy the best of the city cultural life?

LUCIA – Sao Paulo’s city offers plenty of choices when it comes to choosing cultural trips! The ones you cannot miss are:
• Creative Mornings
• House of Genius
• Casa do Povo
• Instituto Moreira Salles
• Design Weekend

MUITO OBRIGADA querida swissnex e time! Vou ter saudade de cada um de vocês! Até logo galera!

Max, you are a big fan of Brazilian culture and love the music. What’s your favorite playlist?

MAX – I could make an infinite list but here is my Top 5:
Vai Vadiar – Zeca Pagodinho
Baile de Favela – MC João
Casou Certino – Mateus e Kauan
Pais Tropical – Jorge Ben Jor
Vai Malandra – Anitta