Confira os selecionados para o Academia-Industry Training 2018

Os pesquisadores da próxima edição do Academia-Industry Training 2018 foram selecionados! Conheça os brasileiros e suíços que participarão do programa que ocorrerá em novembro no Brasil e em abril de 2019 na Suíça. As startups selecionadas abrangem diversos setores da indústria como AgTech, Big Data, Construção Civil, Educação, FinTech, Foodtech, MedTech, SaaS. Os “scientrepreneurs” são estudantes de Mestrado, Doutorado e Pós-doc.



Florent Héroguel (Bloom / EPFL)
Bloom patented technology is the first process able to extract all the value from plants, opening the possibility for sustainable valorisation of plants wastes to high value chemicals.



Etienne Jeoffroy (FenX / ETH Zürich)
We want to disrupt the building insulation market by transforming abandoned mineral waste into high- performance insulation foams complying with the recent health and environmental regulations.



Gnanli Landrou (Oxara/ ETH Zürich)
The cement-free concrete technology developed during my PhD helps transforming excavation materials and construction waste (buildings rubbles) into sustainable concrete: low cost, low CO2 for affordable and residential housings market.



Jonas Pollard (Hemolytics / Université de Fribourg)
A malaria diagnostic enabling eradication campaigns by allowing population screening and detection of asymptomatic carriers with low infections.



Jean-Pascal Aribot (AgroSustain / EPFL)
Innovative product to reduce food wastage by preventing development of fungal pathogens on fruits and vegetables.



Caio Guedes Braguine (MyOwn / Unifran)
Use of AI in the Identification of neglected tropical diseases with x-ray and blood test images analysis.



Jonathan Fiorentini (HiLyte / University of St.Gallen)
We are developing state-of-the-art educational science kits to help raise new generations of clean tech pioneers.



Noémie Widmer (EarthAidSolutions / University of St.Gallen)
An hectare of bamboo planted a day, keeps global warming away!




Carlos Vargas (Investimentos Verdes / University of Zurich)
Investimentos Verdes investments for everyone, at the touch of your fingertips // Investimentos Verdes para todos, ao toque de seus dedos.



André Dahlinger (Avertu / ETH Zurich)
At Avertu we want to save lives by bringing data-driven road safety to the world.






Ana Ferronato (NetWord / IFFluminense)
IoT monitoring of soil and crops spatial variation, generating agronomic prescription at variable rates to reduce costs per hectare.



Carlo Rondinoni (Tagma / InRad/FMUSP)
An Augmented Reality (AR) coloured head cap aims at the on-site medical visualization by depicting the brain shape and functional areas along with an Android app, which in turn shows the 3D virtual brain for training and neuronavigation.



Elyr Alves (Senfio / UFRJ)
Reduction of deaths caused by hospital infection. Save lives, clean your hands.




Fabiana Noronha Dornelles (Tech Pain / UFSC)
TechPain is the revolution of chronic joint pain treatment in arthritis through a non-invasive and self-controlled nanodrug delivery system.



Guilherme Souza ( MDev Medical Devices / Unesp)
A light curing device for composite resins applied in dental restorations able to improve the quality, longevity and stability of the restoration.



Joao Longo (Nanoceuticals / Universidade de Brasília)
Nanoceuticals develops high-performance inputs and ingredients for the cosmetics industry using nanotechnology.



Marcos Valadares (Pluricell / USP)
We are developing a cell therapy for people with heart problems by producing real human heart cells in the lab to be injected to their heart and improve its function.



Renata Fernandes (BioBreyer / Unesp)
BioBreyer develops a pharmaceutical to treat leukemia: new generation asparaginase, based in rational design and nanotechnology.



Stephanie Morais (LifeProt / Fiocruz-PR, Carlos Chagas Institute)
Delivery a human asparaginase with lower allergic reactions and toxic effects, achieving a breakthrough milestone in the cancer treatment.



Vinicius Bastos (EyeTalk / Unicamp)
Express your feeling with your eyes.



O AIT é um reconhecido programa que conecta promissores pesquisadores-empreendedores com a indústria para desenvolver a aplicação de sua pesquisa de alto nível no mercado. O programa incentiva pesquisadores internacionais a trabalhar juntos, compartilhar melhores práticas, entender novos mercados e explorar sinergias. Os programas de treinamento de uma semana oferecem uma introdução substancial ao empreendedorismo, apresentando oficinas de elaboração de planos de negócios, cenários de entrada no mercado, estratégias de financiamento e aulas de pitching, bem como um profundo conhecimento das oportunidades dos mercados brasileiro e suíço.

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