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For Scientists

The Swiss Federal Council has reconfirmed the importance of Switzerland’s bilateral collaboration with Brazil on Education, Research and Innovation for 2013-2016, EPFL is at the core of this strategy due to its national role as “Leading House.”

swissnex Brazil in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), swissnex India and VentureLab are proud to announce the first training camp for Brazilian, Swiss and Indian scientists: “Academia Industry Training Program”

AIT  aims to connect promising researchers-entrepreneurs with the industry in order to develop the market application of their high-level research. It also makes international researchers working together to share best practices, understand new markets, develop new market applications and create synergies.

Open to 30 carefully selected, high-level Swiss and Brazilian researchers (Master, PhD and Postdoc level) who want to transform their research into market innovations.

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For Scientists and Artists

 When art, science, innovation and technology collide.

Artists are often influenced by technological advancements and by science and innovation more generally. Indeed, many artists currently explore the scientific and technological developments of the 21st century to imagine new ways of doing art. Robotics, lighting, computing, digital objects are just a short list of examples. In this line of reasoning, art and science become complementary disciplines.
To bring this unique experience to Brazil, we organize and support events, exchanges and exhibitions between the Brazilian and Swiss arts–science interface.