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On 8 August 2016, the Swiss Business Hub and swissnex Brazil will transform the House of Switzerland Brazil 2016 (HoS) into a collective “power house”, inviting HoS visitors and experts to learn about, present, debate, produce and save energy to reach a common goal.

During the whole day, several stations around the House of Switzerland will be open to the public, raising the attention about the 2.000 Watt society, proposed by ETH Zurich researchers. These interactive stations will enable every HoS visitor to be more aware about their own electricity consumption and will plant a seed about defining what electricity consumption cap would enable Cariocas to live comfortably, without negatively impacting  the environment.

A closed workshop session will start at 13:30 which will, for the first time, bring together Swiss and Brazilian energy experts to present and debate the challenges of each country on integrating a high share of renewable intermittent sources (such as solar and wind) in their grids. Inspired by the “lake and mountains landscape” of the Baixo Suíça, which connects the two countries, the invited energy experts and panelists will discuss the opportunities of both countries on already having expertise of operating electricity grids with a high share of hydro power.

Starting at 18:00, a presentation session open to the public on the state of the art solutions in the field of energy, both from academia and from innovative startups will gather all HoS visitors to learn how those innovations could help Switzerland and Brazil in having a higher share of renewables in their grids.

Energy Day Schedule:

  • From 11:00 to 20:00: (Open to the Public)

Open to the public interactive stations to generate and save electricity

  • From 13:30 to 18:00: (Closed for guests)

Workshop closed for guests on “Integrating renewable energy sources into existing grids – success cases in Brazil and Switzerland”

13h30-14h00: Registration
14h00-14h10: Official Welcome by Gioia Deucher , swissnex Brazil and Thomas Först, Swiss Business Hub Brazil
14h10-14h15: Introduction Energy Day – Adriano Bürgi, swissnex Brazil
Current scenario and Challenges:
14h15-14h30: The energy sector in Switzerland – Simon Locher, Swiss Business Hub Brazil
14h30-14h45: The energy sector in Brazil – Amilcar Guerreiro, EPE
14h45-14h55: Q&As
Best Practices:
14h55-15h10: BlueFACTORY: Innovation and sustainability – Jean-Luc Mossier , Canton Fribourg
15h10-15h25: Hybrid Projects: Sun, Wind and Water – Leontina Pinto, Engenho Consultoria
15h25-15h35: Q&As
15h35-15h55: Coffee-Break
Tools to get there:
15h55-16h10: LandisGyr
16h10-16h25: Andreas Wolf, Vela Solaris AG
16h25-16h40: Eduard Zuur, Time-steps AG
16h40-16h55: Roundtable Discussion and Q&As
16h55-17h00: Workshop Conclusion/ Invitation for the Networking & Refreshments and Pitch Session.
17h00-18h00: Networking & Refreshments

Moderator: Tatiana Campos, Swiss Business Hub Brazil

  • From 18:00 to 20:00: (Open to the Public)

Presentations about the “State of the Art Solutions – Research and Market Applications”

18h00-18h05: Official Welcome for Pitching Session, Adriano Bürgi
18h05-18h20: Tina Billeter, 2.000 Watt Society Concept, City of Zurich (CH)
18h20-18h30: Thiago Holzmeister, Green Ant (BR)
18h30-18h40: Lukas Kündig and Paul Westermann, Urban Flow (CH)
18h40-18h50: Erika Györvary, CSEM (CH)
18h50-19h00: Marcos Maciel, Sunew (BR)
19h00-19h10: Alexandre Caseira, Vatio (BR)
19h10-19h15: Break
19h15-19h25: Prof. Richard Magdalena, COPPE/UFRJ (BR)
19h25-19h35: Gregor Wernet, Ecoinvent (CH)
19h35-19h45: Florian Reimer, South Pole (CH)
19h45-19h55: Denis Bochatay, Quantis (CH)
19h55-20h00: Stephan Koch, Adaptricity (CH) – Webcast Pitch
20h00-20h30: Voting Session for the Best Pitch/ Closing Energy Day & Networking

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with:

Adriano Bürgi

+55 (21) 3806 2142

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