Urban Farmers

The better you eat, the more energy you are able to produce with your own muscles, and we are not only talking about healthy food, but also ultra locally produced food, using fewer resources, such as water. So what if athletes could rely on urban locally produced food for their preparation? This might sound utopian but it is already turning into reality due to the innovative aquaponic food production cycle from the Swiss startup Urban Farmers AG.

Urban Farmers is inspired by the concept of Fresh Revolution, to meet the demand and necessities for large-scaled health food production inside big cities. It was founded in Switzerland in 2012. Four years later, Brazil joins this harvest that will change the way we look at local food production.

From 1 August, the House of Switzerland Brazil 2016 (more known as Baixo Suíça in Rio), the Swiss government’s hospitality zone located on the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas throughout the Olympics in Rio, will be introducing the first Brazilian mini Urban Farm – known as UFBox. All visitors will be able to understand how it works and see the importance to have a sustainable system to produce food in the city.

The UFBox is a small-scaled food production unit that can be placed in city areas, like backyards and parking lots. It consists of a sea cargo container and a greenhouse. It is a production made with an aquaponic technology developed by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), and allows for an ultra-local, ultra-fresh vegetable and fish production without the use of herbicides and pesticides – food from the farm to your table.

The Aquaponics is a cultivation system that combines aquaculture (cultivation of fish) and hydroponics (cultivation of plants without using soil, with the root submerged in water). The fish waste fertilizes the plants, the plants filter the nutrients, and return the water as clean for the fish. This saves 95% of water compared to the traditional agriculture.

Stay tuned for the agenda of the UFBox!


About Presence Switzerland

Presence Switzerland is an entity belonging to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs which promotes Switzerland’s interests abroad using several public relations tools, such as providing information and promotional material, undertaking Swiss projects abroad and promoting delegation visits to Switzerland, guaranteeing the country’s participation in worldwide events and the House of Switzerland during the Olympics.

The tradition for a Swiss hospitality zone dates back to 1998, at the Nagano Olympic Games in Japan. Since 2004, the House of Switzerland has been managed by Presence Switzerland. Amongst the few houses of the kind that is open to the public, the House of Switzerland established itself as a meeting point for worldwide visitors, Swiss and international athletes, fans, press, sponsors, partners and opinion makers in the sports, political and business worlds. It is also a success story in public-private partnerships.

About Urban Farmers

A Swiss company since 2012, owner of operations in rooftops is Basel (Switzerland) and The Hague (Holland). Its business model embraces the whole spectrum: conception, development, engineering, technology, operations and sales of urban farms. The B2B solution aims to supermarkets and commercial producers networks.


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