Cities are a huge plant of resources, which are hidden in the distraction of our daily life: Have you ever been annoyed by your hat flying away or you had to hold your skirt down due to the wind? This is a normal situation in many cities, especially within building canyons or on roof terraces. This hidden wind resources the Swiss innovation project UrbanFlow exploits.

UrbanFlow developed a modular micro wind turbine, called Honeycomb, which is specially designed for urban areas. Its modularity enables to place multiple turbines on top of each other together forming a Honeycomb set-up. In this way, any need for electricity can be met!

If you have ever considered taking part in changing Brazil to be more sustainable or if you have thought of lowering your electricity bill, then take action and come to the Expo Urbano at the House of Switzerland Brazil 2016, the Swiss government’s hospitality zone located on the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas throughout the Olympics in Rio. There, the Honeycomb turbine is running and you can experience it by charging your smartphones!

UrbanFlow is a project initially launched by a group of students at the technical university ETH Zurich in 2013. The first prototype of the Honeycomb was showed to public in 2014. The unique selling point is the hexagonal shroud of the turbine, which improves the energy output by channelizing winds. But this is not all, the hexagonal outside enables to arrange multiple turbine modules to form a comb structure.



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